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Aneeth Arora

'péro' means ‘to wear’ in Marwari which is the local language of Rajasthan, a label launched by Aneeth Arora which is inspired by the clothing and dressing styles of the local people and all her creations are handcrafted.

Kintsugi: the art of broken pieces

Inspired by an ancient Japanese craftsmen practice, wherein the repair could be a restoration in which the damage is incorporated into the aesthetic of the restored item and becomes artistically "better than new." The broken tiles have been used and put together to create a new surface.

Stories on a Telia Rumal

These tiles bring the look of historic ikat fabric styles to ceramic tiles in eclectic wall and floor tile patterns. The motifs used in this collection have been especially developed for péro on an ikat telia rumal with a twist with an earthy texture in the Grey Telia Rumal collection and a contrast Blue Telia Rumal.

Vintage Garden

These ceramic tiles are created by combining traditional ceramic techniques with the latest digital innovations, to capture the exquisite illustrations of botanical paintings.