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"To be honest, if I had to bring a client to only one store, I have been to all stores in Bombay, I will bring them here first". - Sunil Jasani, Founder Sunil Jasani & Associates
"Every Kind of interiors, whether it's a farmhouse, whether it's a small apartment or a big home-I just love this space." - Pramiti Madhvi, Editor, Elle Decor
"Why I think FCML has been successful in Mumbai or in Delhi or around India, is that their after sales service is incredible. Most people will just supply your product, be like, here is your product & Good bye ; but at FCML, I call them may be an year later that I have this issue with a faucet, and they make sure to address it." - Priya Khatau, Team Leader Residential Design, DSP Design Associates
"Oh its beautiful, its delightful for the senses. I just want to move in , beg in baggage. All the bathroom collection is beautiful and the mirrors and the attention to details & little things that Vaishali has placed all over, little glass objects, the railings. The thing is, bathroom has been such a neglected aspect of the home & to bring the bathroom into the living space, In the manner, that they have done is just amazing. It will revolutionize the design industry in India." - Bhavna Thakur, VP of Securities, Citibank
"That kind of attention to detail & that kind of concept store is incredible. I am so happy & so proud that we have same here this right now. And from the entry into the store, I love the fact that you walk from the elevator in the store and its like "Wow"." - Ira Dubey, Actor
"They are very professional. They provide presentation upto after sales in a very professionalized manner. Every segment of their service is absolutely on the ball" Matrix Architects & Interiors. - Zubin Master, Partner, Design
"As of today, in India, the only company that we know who can give us the kind of stunning stuff at par with our works is FCML. Their products, their acquisition of the latest around the world does help us tremendously in the interiors of the projects the we do." - Rajan Sood, Interior designer, Director, Sai Architecture & interior designer
"The greatest thing about FCML is they have made everyone including architects rethink, reevaluate how a bathroom space should be looked at." - Matisha Kothari, Interior Designer, Partner, Kothari Associates
"They are clearly progressive, interesting to work because they don't work for you, they work with you, which is quite nice and I like the fact that they are genuinely aware about the pace of the world market." - Sourabh Gupta, Architect, Managing director, Archomm Consultants Private Lmited
"The products are so beautiful and we get to see them displayed the way they are here, so people can imagine design and imagine what they are gonna look like. So it really helps evry designer to come here and its like a storytelling." - Pinky Pandit, Interior Designer, Partner, Modus Design Studio
"It has been a great asset to interior designers & architects to understand products availability better and also design better and obviously the end user is very happy with this.That's why, they are so successful. Brand FCML-If you are making a home or you are making a hotel, go to FCML." - Vidur Bharadwaj, Architect, Director, 3C Company
"FCML just represents quality. You know you come here and buy products and its gonna be good." - Jyoti Rath, Architect, Owner, Jyoti Rath & Associates
"They have redefined the way that wonders work because they are very professional and they have an excellent display in the showroom." - Anil Singh, Architect, Director, WE Design
"Its always good to have everything under one shower. The designs is what gives FCML a cutting edge." - Atal Kapoor, Interior Designer, Partner Saka
"Its like one stop shop for everything . You could probably just walk into the store and you could probably pick up 1, 2, 4, 7, 8... walk out with almost you r entire house done." - Anuja Gujral, interior Designer, Project Partner, Netrawala & Aibara
"They basically educate the clients . They don't force any particular product on the client. They guide you as per the clients need. This is what I like about FCML." - Dinish Thaman, Interior Designer, Partner, Eternity Arch and Interiors.
"For us it stands as a great brain storming center, where you can really come and you can get ideas from the team at FCML itself." - Jyoti Malik, Interior Designer, ounder partner IAAP
"I have been working with FCML for many years. I have worked with them because they have amazing products, great services and there is always something innovative & new. It is also a company you feel ethically comfortable working with." - Iram Sultan, Interior Designer, Owner, Perfect Setting