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About FCML

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In the world of design and lifestyle, FCML is a force to reckon with. The brand has carved a niche for itself as a pioneer of quintessentially European, luxurious design products for the discerning customer ever since they started their retail journey through their first store in Delhi. Headquartered in the country's capital city, FCML has created a stronghold as a stellar lifestyle retailer for luxury bathroom designs, beautiful, eco-friendly, recycled tiles; a variety of high-end wood floors; modular kitchens & accessories and a la mode and elegant home decor products of unparalleled quality.

After a tremendously successful innings in New Delhi, Bangalore (they won the prestigious 'Best Showroom Award' 2011 and 2012 for the New Delhi and Bangalore showrooms respectively at the Cersaie Fair, Bologna, Italy) and Chennai, FCML now extends its philosophy of 'lifestyle with panache' to Mumbai with a sprawling 10, 000 sq. ft. two floor store in the city's emerging design hub: Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi.

We are the single largest space devoted to luxury interiors in India. Creating a visually stimulating environment where clients can experience our products, be educated about them at leisure and make inspired, informed choices.

Each of our stores have been landmark achievements in spatial and experiential design. Our showrooms are a visual treasure trove of the most hallowed lines, objects and ensembles in the world of luxury interiors. Every square inch is inviting, appealing, sensory and done up impeccably.

The FCML range offers unique building blocks designed for specific functions and individual needs. Our discerning customers walk in and re-imagine their personal spaces; visualize their homes and create their own ideal dream, in one relaxed luxurious space.

Being able to understand client needs, providing them the experience they seek and executing their brief flawlessly has been integral to our growth story.

The FCML approach is a differentiated one and service lies at the heart of it. We are in the business of relationships of securing trust. That�s why those who work with us, do so time and again. It is this level of unwavering loyalty that has bolstered the growth of our divisions � Bath, Kitchens, Wood Floors and Surfaces.

As we endeavour to further consolidate our offering, introducing new lines and presenting stellar offerings, unmatched in the world of luxury interiors, we ask for your continued support and feedback.

Vision & Mission

From humble beginnings in 2002, FCML today has a pan-India presence and is a leader in its category.

Building a well-loved brand, with a set of values focused on the customer has always been the vision for the company.

At the heart of all we do, lie the aspirations of the customer. We first understand what they seek, then craft an immersive experience for them. Our proposals are always of the highest quality, paired with extensive knowledge and counsel, rounded off from end to end with finesse. We go the distance to earn our trust and faith. For some, it is a sale and for others, its the beginning of a valued relationship.

Our motto is never say never, and we continue to strive for perfecting your homes. Through our concerted, loyalty-driven approach, we lead in the sphere of luxury interiors. We got there by changing the way we engage with the luxury interiors customer.