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JJ Valaya

JJ Valaya is a noted Indian fashion designer and couturier and the founder of the House of Valaya, a luxury fashion and lifestyle house in 1996 with a line of signature tapestries and cushions. In 2014, he introduced a full range of furniture along with bespoke interior design services.

The Gulistan Collection 1

Inspired by Mughal miniatures, this collection has the finest influences in design from the Islamic and the Mughal world, where each floral connotation is interpreted differently, to create a dramatic statement in wall art.

The Gulistan Collection 2

Floral motifs with mughal miniature undertones, a play between neutrals and colours, with the beiges, ivories and greys in accents that create an element of surprise in different interior spaces.

The Gulistan Collection 3

This collection can be used as wall art, with elements that have endured the test of time, creating a quirky and artistic experience in different interior spaces.