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Expertise in wood since 1866.


It is not by chance that they hold a leading position in the development, production and installation of flooring in major arenas around the world. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies are a step in the right direction - also from an environmental point of view: They ensure an efficient utilization of the raw materials and thus help to prevent the waste of valuable resources. The high-quality wood from sustainably managed forests is refined with modern manufacturing processes and innovative technologies to a flooring that upgrades every room and turns your house into a home.


HARO's research and development engineers are continuously looking for - and finding - new ways to craft the wood raw material into parquet one will enjoy for decades from the very first moment on.

Selected images from Haro are shown below. For the entire range of products from Haro, please visit our store or get in touch with our sales team, here.