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Home-Products - Mukul Goyal

Mukul Goyal is amongst the leading product designers in India. An engineer from IIT Kanpur, Mukul found his calling in Design. He then studied at National Institute of Design, Ahemdabad, India and later at Domus Academy, Milan, Italy.

His experiences have been accumulated over almost two decades of design tryst with explorations in materials, techniques, academics and crafts. He has explored various media as metals, leather, plastic, glass and ceramics for design of products, jewelry and accessories.

Quirky and fun, uncomplicated yet exuberant, his objects draw inspiration from everyday life, where Mukul successfully walks the line between art and design, charisma and functionality, craft and technology.

His work shows Mukul's imaginative use of traditional materials with a contemporary expression, pushing the boundaries of techniques, materials and sensorial experiences. With his penchant for artistic interpretation, every piece is a simple story, but always told with a twist!

His signature product range is selling in as many as 30 countries across the world at last count.

Mukul’s work has been featured in various media across the world winning great reviews.

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