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Night light with long-life LEDs illuminating the inside of the bowl
Heated seat with adjustable temperature
Auto open, auto close and functions enabling with users' radar detection
Remote control of the seat and cover opening/closing and flushing
Soft-close seat and cover
Power saving efficiency mode
Configurable auto flush and pre flush function*
Antibacterial seat
Nozzle with aerated water flow and instant water heating ceramic circuit
Optional control via app (iPhone/iPad)
Decodorizing D-Rim technology with active carbon filter
PowerEco dual flush 4.8 liters system
Users' profile memory to preset and activate 6 different customized settings
Self-cleaning and UV antibacterial disinfecting mechanism for the chrome-plated nozzle with removable tip
Perfect fit assembly without dirty areas between bowl and In-Wash R technology compartment
Technology integrated in the toilet: preassembled, seamless fit, easy to install plug and play
*Only available in floor standing version.