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Night light with long-life LEDs illuminating the inside of the bowl
Heated seat with adjustable temperature 5 level
Auto open, auto close and functions enabling with users' radar detection
Deodorizing D-Rim technology with active carbon filter
Soft-close seat and cover with anti-scratch coating
Optional control via app (iPhone/iPad)
Configurable auto flush and pre flush function
Antibacterial seat and cover
Comfort functions: Shower temperature, Power spray, Oszillation, Pulsation, Drying
Users' profile memory to preset and activate 6 different customized settings
Technology integrated in the toilet: preassembled, seamless fit, easy to install, plug and play
Remote control of the seat and cover opening/closing and flushing
Automatic power saving efficiency mode based in the real use of the product
Self-cleaning and UV antibacterial disinfecting
Rimless for an easy cleaning inside the bowl
In-Tank Soft Air Vortex technology dual flush 4.8 liters system